I came to Finney Fitness after four months of chemo therapy. I was weak, stiff and overweight – hardly able to carry out the tasks that my job and life required. I was reluctant to join a group-training program, but knew that I was in no condition to work one-on-one with a personal trainer.

Thirteen months later I can only say that the experience has been life-changing. I may have signed up for group training, but what I have received has been the most personalized, individualized and caring fitness training that could be imagined. I have worked out with other trainers at three different points of my life, and never has their one-on-one training come close to the level of personal attention that I receive at Finney Fitness. In this gym, no fitness level is too low to be a starting point. Even when my abilities were zero, the workout gave me both a challenge and a motivating measure of success. I am PUMPED to be working with Cindy, a master trainer in every sense of the word. She is constantly reviewing what the industry has to offer, previewing and testing what experts recommend, and implementing only what will be most beneficial. As a result, my workouts are always changing – always safe – and always challenging.

Finney Fitness is motivation . . .expertise . . . compassion . . .success.

The wide range of equipment in this gym may make it look like any other, but the difference is Cindy Finney.

— Joan

There are those who are technicians at what they do and there are those who are artists of their ‘art’; this latter group are instructors who embody what they teach and because of this they inspire and take you beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Cindy Finney, owner and director of Finney Fitness, is of the latter group. Cindy has many years of experience training and a strong passion for what she does. Training with Cindy is not for the ‘faint of heart’, but Cindy gets to know her clients and any limitations they may have so as to facilitate them to improve beyond what they thought they could do yet not bring any type of further injury. Cindy is extremely confident in training but will also research anything she needs to in relation to each client.

I, personally, have experienced other trainers over the years, but to this day, have not met anyone who I’d rather work with than Cindy Finney.

— J. Hacker, DOM, L.Ac.