Welcome to Finney Fitness.

Welcome to Finney Fitness. As an ACE certified fitness professional for more than a decade, I am committed to providing safe and effective workouts for women. My goal is for every woman to leave my gym feeling inspired, energized and supported in her quest to be healthy and fit.

Cindy Finney
As a mother of seven (and grandmother of four!) I understand how challenging it can be to find the time to work out. For more than 35 years, my life and career has revolved around health and fitness. I was among the first class of female college athletes to benefit from Title 9 legislation. I also taught physical education and health to preschoolers through eighth grade. And, I have been an ACE certified Fitness professional for more than a decade.

After leading aerobics classes for 5 years, I realized that many women want and need more personalized fitness instruction. Maintaining a high level of cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength pays huge dividends for women in terms of quality of life, oneís health, and the activities of daily living. (Not to mention appearance!). I know that with my expertise—and the support and encouragement of our small group training—we can accomplish great things! Come and give one of our small group training sessions a try. You will not be disappointed!
An hour at Finney Fitness provides more than just a challenging workout. Women of all fitness levels work out side-by-side — networking, supporting, and caring for one another. The encouragement found in my gym helps women achieve their goals faster. Itís not easy — but itís always fun — women look forward to each workout.

I promise to give you every ounce of my expertise and energy as I develop workouts that will help you reach your personal fitness goals. My custom-designed program will quickly put you on the road to your most healthy and fit self! I want to invite you and welcome you with open arms to my training sessions. We will work together to help you become the best version of yourself.

Cindy Finney